shippy ships? aka save me from boredom!


i literallyhave nothing to do so you know what that means - SHIPS!


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  • ship me + whY or tell me what color you think i should dye my hair!

what you’ll get:

  • ship: clifford / hemmings / hood / irwin
  • short imagine about you + ship
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“I just want Luke Hemmings to flip me off”

All 5SOS fans (via mrs-all-american-5sos-fan)


neverlandlouisx: okay so you're fucking gorgeous. i ship you with ashton probably because that'd be one hella attractive couple and i could just picture you two cuddling on the couch watching a disney movie aw


no i look like shrek but thank u

disney prince // cal omg otp

secret admirer // ash

sidekick // luke

princess u remind me of // your personality reminds me of mulan tbh you seem really fierce and like you don’t take shit from anyone

disney song // a girl worth fighting for - mulan

surprise // x

disney themed ships???


Anonymous: What brand/color did you use for your hair?


Splat in the color “Berry Blast”, but it fades really quickly so I’m using the hot topic brand hair dye next time (my friend says it lasts a really long time) :3 


onceuponour2nddirection: That's ok lol I wanted ashton anyways :)

yay :)

disney-themed ships????


i’m really bored and just got done watching the little mermaid so

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mbf me 

ship me in my ask and tell me why (if you make it long, you get a surprise ooh la la)

you get:

- 5sos ship (prince, admirer and sidekick)

- disney princess u remind me of

- disney song

no notes and this never happened


neverlandlouisx: aw i ship you with luke so hard because that'd be one hella fine looking couple and you mentioned some bands that luke likes as well so i can just picture a long ass jam session k this sounds stupid but whatever bye ok and you're really pretty bye



ship: calpal

okay so calum would always love going to the bookstore with you bc your eyes light up at all of the books there are still left to read before you die and he laughs and buys you whatever books you want as long as you read at least one of them to him and he listens to you so closely which you adore bc you’re quite sarcastic and only calum really understands your sarcasm bc he really listens to the sound of your voice and he would love to collect stuffed animals for you wherever he visits in the world and you would keep them all on a shelf but a few special ones would make it to your bed and calum would loving hearing your stories about why those specific ones are special to you and he wouldn’t even care if he’s heard the story a bunch of times before he just likes hearing you speak

this made my life

onceuponour2nddirection: I ship you with michael :)

thank you xx :)


sorry you don’t have a face page or an about me page so i can’t really make legitimate ships so i’m sorry i’m just guessing and i don’t have a reason..

Boyfriend: Hemmings - Hood - Irwin - Clifford

Best friend: Hemmings - Hood - Irwin - Clifford

Secretly likes you: Hemmings - Hood - Irwin - Clifford

Ex: Hemmings - Hood - Irwin - Clifford 

Reason why: —

Gif of the guy I ship you with:

caroleprates: I Ship you with Calum *--*

thank you x


Boyfriend: Hemmings - Hood - Irwin - Clifford

Best friend: Hemmings - Hood - Irwin - Clifford

Secretly likes you: Hemmings - Hood - Irwin - Clifford

Ex: Hemmings - Hood - Irwin - Clifford 

Reason why: I think that you and Michael would make a really cute couple cause you’d look really cute together. YOURE SO SO PRETTY

Gif of the guy I ship you with:


Me trying to accomplish anything in life


by cute do you mean you wanna frick frack or do you mean I look 12




when ur mom makes u go to school

when ur mom makes u do chores


This was the best photoshoot you can’t convince me otherwise

Reblog this if you’ve ever cried, had a panic attack or an anxiety attack because of school stress


I’m trying to prove a point to my mum and teachers


If you didn’t think 5sos sleeping was the cutest thing you’ve ever seen this post has proved you wrong